Fiction · Lotus in the Wind

Lotus in the Wind, Synopsis & Character List


In a small village at the edge of the Yuan’s border, a good deed set forth a chain of events that change the life of a young woman forever.


More characters will be added as the story progresses.

Three Lakes Village:

holderZhang Er Niang – Lian Hua’s mother, widowed.

LianHua01Zhang Lian Hua – Her name means lotus flower. She is a young martial artist from Moon Lake Abby who later traveled to the capital city where her life will be changed forever.

holderZhang Hong – Lian Hua’s father, deceased

Moon Lake Abby (atop Mt. Hua):

holderAbbess Yunfeng – Lian Hua’s Shi Fu (teacher), the head abbess at Moon Lake Abby. She mastered the Silver Lotus Swordplay and is currently is looking to have Lian Hua as her future successor.

Miao’s Estate:

generalMiao Jiang Feng – General of the Great Dragon Legion


Imperial Palace:

yuyanYi Yan – Palace Maid

XueJianPrincess Tang Xue Jian, the doted 10th princess

holderNing An – Xue Jian’s handmaiden

Supporting: (order as appearance)

holderLi Mu – Assassin

holderAh Fu – Assassin

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