“You are My Sunshine,” First Impression & Quick Re-caps


I was lucky enough to find a stream on Sohu that let me watch this series as it came out today. I have to admit, I’ve not not the type to watch a drama as it airs. Rather, I like to wait until all the episodes are out and then watch it all in one sitting. I can’t even remember the last series I watched as it airs. Perhaps it was Autumn Concert. 

Anyway, I think I’m hyped up about this series because the novel was fantastic and the casting for the drama version is genius. Although I like Wallace Chung, I’m more ecstatic that Tang Yan was casted. She’s a perfect Mo Shen. For Wallace, I had chosen to reserve my opinions for it until I see the drama. So far, two episodes in, I AM NOT DISAPPOINT! No wonder people loved him. LOL.

To watch the first two episodes, you can visit this link at Sohu. The site is in Chinese so if you can’t read Chinese, get google translate extension and it’ll automatically translate for you. But I don’t think you’ll need it. The navigation is easy.

EDIT: I found a link to download the HQ of the drama. It’s at ObsessionsOFLine. A Virtual Voyage also uploaded HQ versions too, in smaller files for anyone who needs it.  For English Subbed, you can visit Korean Drama Library (they’re pretty fast) or Viki. 😀

Now on to the drama itself. The first two episode is a bit slow, but that’s to be expected since the story is building up. Since there is no HQ video of this drama available yet, my caps are low quality. EDIT: I’m too lazy to recap again right now. I’ll probably do it next time. 😀

Also, this will not be a drama re-cap as I’m not familiar with Chinese (some how, it ended up being a recap anyway). Since I don’t know what they are really saying for sure, I will take a guess at what is currently happening. So please take it with a grain of salt. I know someone will do a full recaps of the epsidoes. *cough* peanuts *cough* 😀

EDIT: Full re-caps are now available. You can visit peanuts’ caps @ Fanatical. Estelle also did her own version  her blog, Drama For Real.


The first episode opened up with Mo Sheng buying a plane ticket and saying goodbye to Ying Hui, her “divorced” husband.


Then our OTP missed each other by just a few seconds. I always wonder how they would react if their first encounter after seven years was at the airport. Would the story started off differently?

The next 15 minutes covers He Yi Cheng as a intelligence lawyer and Mo Sheng heading straight to her job interview after she got out of the airport.


While hanging out with his sister, He Yi Mei, for lunch (I think), she ran her car into a pedestrian.


Who turned out to be no other than her future boyfriend. LOL. 😀 I found this hilarious as Yi Mei was hiding in her car after the crash, embarrassed. Yi Cheng came out to resolve the matter. Turns out, he didn’t need to do anything, as Yuan Feng is a big fan of hers and was happy to let them off with just a photo with her.


This was Yi Cheng’s expression through the whole thing. I would react the same way too. LOL.

Later, the Yuan Feng turned out to be a colleage at Mo Sheng’s new work place. He later befriended her after offering her a place to stay. I have to admit, after watching this episode, I feel that the whole world is small!

Finally, we got to the moment we’ve been waiting for. Mo Sheng and Yi Cheng’s reunion! Or at least their first glimpse of each other after seven years…


And although he pretended to be nonchalant about it, he thought of her that night. Wallace Chung is an amazing actor, while I watched him, I can’t help but feel all his sorrows, yearnings, pains, and loneliness. It’s all in his eyes!


The rest of the episode 1 covered Mo Sheng’s trials at work and her meeting with Xiao Xiao (hope I got that right), the model who was her friend from school. They had that conversation where I’m positive Xiao Xiao was revealing about the happenings at the school after Yi Cheng found out she suddenly left.


Finally, the episode ended after Xiao Xiao breached her contract because she was “not please” about something. On a note, I really like this Xiao Xiao. I feel like she is cupid at the moment, setting things up so Mo Sheng and Yi Cheng could meet again. I hope the producer give her a happy ending just for this alone. 🙂

 Episode 2 picked up again during the whole commotion with Xiao Xiao regarding her backing out of the project. Right after, she went to see Yi Cheng to take her case. I can’t stop smiling about it since I think her real purpose was to let him know where Mo Sheng is now working. LOL. This girl is so sly!


The expression on Yi Cheng’s face is so priceless. Although his face is schooled to show disinterest, he obviously interested!


Later on, Mo Sheng was sent to his company to drop off some paperwork the lawyer’s firm. He made her go wait for him at a cafe. I’m not sure at this point if she was aware that the lawyer was him.


And made her wait.


And waited…


Until it rained.


And the whole time, he was watching her from the comfort of his car!!! The bastard!


After a while, he had one of his assistant pick up the documents in his stead. Dry and comfortable in his car, he had the nerve to watch our poor heroine run back to work in the rain! The FREAKING RAIN! What if she got sick or something?!


Such a cruel and vengeful man! btw, that expression on his face, says it all: I WANT YOU TO SUFFER! He even seemed gleeful this whole torture. 😡


Because of him, our poor Mo Sheng was late to come back to work and was scold badly by her supervisor. I think at this time, they were trying to find another interesting story now that Xiao Xiao had abandoned the contract. So tension was very high.


Our beautiful Mo Sheng saved the day by getting a French model friend to come in for the photoshoot.


As for Yi Cheng, he revisited the market where he saw Mo Sheng again, saw that display of cans juice (?) and remembered their first reunion. BTW, how did he stay fit if all he ate was ramen noodles?! Seriously, all he bought was ramen noodles! O.O


He also dropped his wallet for the store security to find. We all know what will happen to it right? 😛


Finally, Mo Sheng and her colleages ended up meeting up with Yi Mei after the shoot. Thing looks pretty awkward and it’s more than obvious that no one wanted to be there. Well, except for the one that got ran by the car. He was obviously happy to see Yi Mei again! 😀

I did say that I will not do a recap right? Do this count? Haha.

In conclusion, although the pacing was a bit slow, I think that’s my inner shipper screaming for more Mo Sheng and Yi Cheng moments. So far, we only got two scenes. TWO SCENES!!!!! And one of it wasn’t even with them interacting. 😦 What gives?!

Now that we were introduced to the characters important to the plot, I hope we will get to see more of our OTP. In term of favorite characters so far (aside from our lovely leads), I really like Xiao Xiao and that chubby lady in the previous cap (between Mo Sheng and Yuan Feng)

I can’t wait till tomorrow! Supposedly, this drama will air two episodes everyday, so I will be expecting it.

Before I go, here’s a question…


How awkward is this?


6 thoughts on ““You are My Sunshine,” First Impression & Quick Re-caps

    1. haha, I wouldn’t mind being in her place either. But I’ll still get the chills. I mean, one is my current husband and one true love while the other is a soon-to-be-ex-husband who is trying to win her over. o.0 🙂

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  1. the chubby lady is xiao hong. she’s hella funny! I think she does something related to cover design at the magazine. she explained it super briefly when they were doing introductions. I don’t have a favorite minor character yet, but yuan feng has been pretty sweet so far, but he’s not even second lead. we’ll see, I hope the ex-husband doesn’t develop some crazy love line and sway my ship!

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    1. I know. But then again, even if they do try that, Mo Sheng is too loyal and very much in love with Yi Cheng to be swayed by her ex. Xiao Hong is going to be my one of my favorite. I can’t wait till tomorrow. Have you seen the preview for tomorrow episodes yet? That’s where she’s going to drag our Mo Sheng on blind dates and Yi Cheng gonna get annoyed by that. LOL. 🙂 That look on Yi Cheng face when he heard her voice was priceless! He was so happy to see her. lol. At least he’s finally coming around. I CAN”T WAIT!


      1. I haven’t seen the previews yet. I’m trying to recap as I watch, so I’ve been holding off. I can imagine YC being totally annoyed tehhehe. But that’s what it takes right? Can’t wait till we get more cutesy moments between them 🙂

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