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Translation Project: Love Transcending Time / Jiao Cuo Shi Guang De Ai Lian by Xi Juan

Most of you have already know of my desire to learn Mandarin and recently, I managed to enroll at my local language institute for Tuesday nights. I’ll be going there for a three hours sessions per week for six weeks and I’m so excited for it. I’m trying my best to keep my expectations low as I won’t be reading and writing after this course is done, but the prospects really elates me.

Having said that, from my experiences as a child, I know that with learning a new language, practice makes best. English wasn’t my first language and I stayed ahead of my games by doing a lot of readings. And I mean A LOT. It not only help improve my vocabularies, but it helped me familiarize myself with the language structure and usage too.

Now that I’m embarking on a new journey in learning a language I had always desire to know, I figured I’ll go with this method as well. Since I can’t fully read, I can at least get myself acquainted with characters and sentence structure by working with literature. And the best way to do that was to translate a novel.

CuoDianYuanYang Poster

If any of you had seen Cou Dian Yuan Yang and Xi Dian Yuan Yang, you might be aware that it was based on the novels written by Xi Juan. The novels are titled Jiao Cuo Shi Guang De Ai Lian (交錯時光的愛戀) and Xi Dian Yuan Yang (戲點鴛鴦). The drama adaptations are excellent and the casting were amazing. It was too bad I couldn’t find an English translation of the novel. Therefore, I’m going to pick this up as a project.


The novel itself is not long, with only nine chapters as well as an intro, a prologue, an epilogue and a special. Btw, if anyone can find me a higher quality of this cover, I’ll be grateful. I can’t find it anywhere on google except for the above smaller one. If you can find it for book two, it’s great as well.

For translations, I’ll be using many translation sources (i.e. Google Translate, online English-Chinese dictionaries, and a few of my friends who’s willing to sit with me through this). For this reason, this project is going to be slow. Also, please disregard any grammar, tenses or errors you may find as English is my second language.

Other than this announcement of a translation project, I also want to recruit a proofreader. Although I try my best, my updates are not without flaws. From grammar to typos (which I usually miss through the editing process), I want try to avoid these and bring you the best updates as possible. More often than not, I would read my updates and had to go back and edit them again because of found some error in it.

I’m looking for a (or two) proofreader who’s at least proficient in English. If you’re also familiar in Chinese or their literature such as wuxia and xian xia or is fluent in Chinese, it’s a big plus but not a requirement. Proofreading with me usually requires reading a chapter or two per updates, though keep in mind that each chapter are pretty long (about 3-5 Word document pages). I try to update twice a month, sometimes longer depending on the status of the chapter I’m working on. If you’re interested, please contact me below:

As for those waiting on the next chapter update, it’s on its way. I promise!


3 thoughts on “Translation Project: Love Transcending Time / Jiao Cuo Shi Guang De Ai Lian by Xi Juan

    1. thank you. I know this journey will be hard, but I know it will be worth the effort. this is actually the first course of five, with six weeks per course, so I hope to at least be familir somewhat with the language by the end. 😀


  1. Hi Iya! I’d be super happy and grateful if you translate this c-novel. I’ve seen the drama adaptation which I enjoyed very much; I sure would love to read the book. I’m excited to read your translations! 🙂

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