This blog is dedicated to my work of fiction, inspired by many years of reading “trashy romance” novels and watching dramas from almost all of Asia.

Little quirks about me:

  • I’m a hopeless romantic! ^_^
  • Thanks to the above, I’m allergic to sad endings! I’m a firm believer that all love story should end with “Happily Ever After.”
  • I’m a dramaholic! I have watched drama from all over Asia, including Korean, Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, India and Thailand. Wuxia and romance are an absolute favorite of mine.
  • Reading is my life. (Uh… romantic novels, that is. haha) Novels, novellas, manga? It if’s romance, I’m there.
  • I am an aspiring writer, major in creative writing, and planned to get publish in the next few years.
  • Recently, I’m enrolled in Chinese Mandarin classes just so I can start reading C-Novels.
  • I love Chinese romance novels cover art! They’re so beautiful and visually stunning. 😀


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  1. Hehe, I’m a hopeless romantic as well but I am actually super addicted to tragedies and sad endings 🙂 I wish you success in getting your fiction published and learning Chinese! 😀

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    1. haha, thanks. as for sad ends and tragedies, I tend to avoid them. Unless the story have a good plot and great actors, they’re monsters I stay away from. I hate that feelings I get in the pit of my stomach and crying all those tears. Usually, I’ll be depressed for weeks on end, so I stay far FAR away. haha


  2. Hi Iya! I’m a dramaholic and bookworm too who loves happy endings and everything about romance. There was a time I was really extremely addicted to Korean dramas, it drove me to studying the Korean language. haha.. I wish you luck in your writing and Mandarin learning. I’m also learning the language for the sake of C-novels. I wish there are Chinese language courses I could enroll where I live. While there are many online courses offerings in the net, I still prefer a classroom setting instruction. For now, I have surrounded myself with self-learning language books. How many Chinese characters do you think we have to learn before we can understand decently a C-novel chapter? 🙂 Thank you for starting this blog. I will surely enjoy reading your work of fiction and the translations as well.

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    1. I remember my korean phase. too bad I can’t stand to really watch it anymore because the dynamics are pretty much the same after watching it for many many years, lol. but then again, I can see myself getting addicted again if there’s something good out there. I’m also glad I’m not the only one who’s learning mandarin for the sake of reading C-novels. 😀 My class won’t start till February so I’m not sure how many characters we must learn to understand a decent novel. But we’ll find out soon enough. 🙂 Thanks for reading my fiction. Feel free to comment and offer critiques. I always love to hear from my readers.


      1. I think I’m over too with my K-drama addiction. But from time to time whenever I read a good review of a certain drama I would succumb to the pull again. 🙂 The last dramas I saw were Faith, The Master’s Sun and It’s Okay It’s Love. The plots were pretty good and not trite. Regarding your novels, I’m pretty sure I’d love them. My recommendations are easy to meet: happy endings, no open endings please, less angst, plenty of humor and lots of romance.

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        1. I love The Master’s Sun. The couple is so cute! 😀 As for my novel, there’s gonna be LOTS of romance, though I’m not sure about humor since I’m not good with writing those to begin with, lol. But please let me know of your comments as you read the chapters. Feedbacks are important to me as writer. 😀


  3. Me too! I’ve never really read or even heard much about C-novels, but you’ve got me excited to give it a try. Closest I’ve ever come is probably The Tale of Genji back in college. That’s Japanese, not Chinese, obviously, but I did really enjoy it.

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    1. if you want to give C-novel a try, then I recommend The Condor Trilogy by Jin Yong. He is a wuxia writer and his work are considered by China as one of the best modern masterpieces of all time. There are also many film/drama serial adaptations of them too because of this. however, the older versions are the best ones as the new one are deviating from the plot.


        1. Unfortunately, there is no official translated version available in the market. However, these fan-translations are even better than if one were available because they usually include footnotes to help you understand idioms and customs that you may not be familiar with. You can get these ebooks @ http://www.ancientchinese.net/index.php?topic=248.0

          The trilogy are in this order:

          1. The Legend of the Condor Heroes
          2. The Return of the Condor Heroes (My personal favorite)
          3. Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (This takes place 200 years after the first two.)

          I believe these translated ebooks are from the 2nd to 3rd edition of Jin Yong’s work. But no worries, the author just made minor changes in each edition.

          Please let me know if you enjoy them. They’re fantastic reads! 😀

          Oh! and thank you for reading my work. 🙂 I always love having new readers and if you have any question or comments, feel free to ask.


        2. Oh, btw, feel free to check out the other novels there as well. many of them are from Jin Yong, but there are many great classics (some hundreds of years old) that were also translated into English, such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms and All Men are Brothers.


  4. I got some interest on who you are due to some things you did lately (lol you know what I mean)

    We have these as our similarities:

    I’m a hopeless romantic! ^_^
    Thanks to the above, I’m allergic to sad endings! I’m a firm believer that all love story should end with “Happily Ever After.”

    *sistaaaaaa …giving bear hug

    It is a great thing to study foreign lang especially Chinese, keep it going girl!

    I’ll wait for your project and hope I’ll get a chance to see your work :3

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    1. lol. some things i did late? did you mean all the liking of comments for To Be a Virtuous Wife? lol. that’s the only thing I can think of. 😛

      it’s so great to find another great minds similar to mine. *returning the bear hug with an even bigger one* 😀

      I’m still struggling with Mandarin. I though Cambodian was hard, but Chinese is even harder. I can’t wait till I’m proficient enough to read light novels. LOL

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