C-Novel Review & Recommendations

HE = Happy Ending
ME = Mixed Ending (The girl ends up with a guy but it’s mixed if you ship the wrong guy.)
SE = Sad Ending (One of the leads died.)

《 》

Ancient Romances:

A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated / Gu Fan Bu Zi Shang 《孤芳不自賞》 (HE) (5/5 Stars)


There is so much to say about this novel and I’m don’t think I’ll do its justice. Strong and capable leads, great supporting characters, villains that you hate to love but can’t help but sympathize with a certain moments, and a well-developed and intriguing plot that you cannot put the book down. I read all three volumes in one sitting and didn’t regret a second of that sleepless night.

I usually prefer romances where leads stuck through for each other through thick and thin and it annoys be when they easily misunderstand each other due to petty pride and differences. Surprisingly, I found the misunderstandings in the book to be the essential growth of their relationship even if there is some pride involved stubbornness (mostly  on Bai Ping Ting’s part). The author did an amazing job in detailing the internal turmoils of the characters, making their decisions and actions relatable and acceptable. Don’t get me wrong, there were moments when I wanted to scream at them, but (unlike other leads) I find that these moments are important for them to grow.

I love that arrogant, conceited, powerful general Chu Bei Jie and his ruthlessness throughout the novel. And yet, there were many times when I cried and rooted for him throughout his struggles and vulnerable moments. Anyone that doesn’t fall in love with this powerful and ruthless general who is sweet, mushy on the inside and vulnerable towards the woman he gives his heart to is a stronger person than I am.

For Bai Ping Ting, she a girl who is weak in body but is powerful in her own rights through her intelligence, loyalty and bravery. There’s too much I wanted to say about her but it’s hard to describe a character that constantly evolve throughout the story. What I really love about her though (and what’s most relatable) is her selflessness and lack of considerations for herself when it comes to protecting those she loves, and Chu Bie Jie. I’m not saying she is without flaws, considering her stubbornness and self-destructing actions in Volume 2. But that’s what makes her so relatable and human. It’s these flaws of her that drew me to her and not make the story more interesting.

In attempt to not spoil the story too much (I can go on forever about this novel), I’ll keep the rest short. I really love the author’s style and is thankful to the translator/s for taking the time and effort to do the novel justice. From the very first page till the end, I was intrigued by not only the main leads but the side characters as well. Being able to follow their struggles, developments, and ultimately reaching the end the journey with them was one that is unforgettable.

It’s been a few months since I’ve read the novel so this review will not do it justice. I recommend this novel for anyone looking for a good historical novel with good drama, characters, plots, and even moments of humor (mainly due to one of the side couples). Keep in mind that there are some dark moments.

As for the drama that is currently airing, I found it to be a bit disappointing. Although I enjoy the production as well as the leads, I would prefer it if they are a little more faithful to the novel. But then again, it’s be expected of an adaptation. 😦 I guess the faithfulness of Love H20/Just One Smile is Very Alluring (2016) spoiled it for me.

The Demoness is Not Evil 妖女不妖》 by Xi Meng 《裘梦》 (HE) (3/5 Stars)

coverThe novel itself was entertaining to pass the time, but once finished the story was forgettable. In fact, it’s only been about two weeks and I already forgot the plot. The story revolved around the hero meeting the heroine one night and becomes interested in her. The ended traveling together and later join forced to capture a rapist. Although there were nice plot twists and the heroine herself is a cool character, there was not much memorable about the rest of the novel.

Husband, Be a Gentleman 《 夫君,悠着点》 by Su Xing Xue 《 苏行乐》 (HE) (5/5 Stars)

coverI absolutely ADORE this book! The main leads was super cool and were so sweet as a couple. As a sucker for nemesis turned lovers, this novel has a good combination of humor, characters, and an intriguing plot. I couldn’t put the book down. There is so much to recommend about this book but I cannot express them without giving too much away. What I love most about this novel is that although it is of the Gong genre, the hero was faithful to the heroine. For those who know me, I hate heroes of Gong novel because men in these novel usually has wife, mistresses, and concubines. They are almost never faithful to the heroine. So I was very reluctant to read this. I admit that it was someone who posted a comment on Shu Sheng Bar noting the fact that he was faithful that got me reading this novel. But boy, I’m glad I did. Otherwise, I would miss this precious gems. This almost almost became my all-time favorite Gong genre (actually, it was the very first, lol), until I ended reading To Be a Virtuous Wife by Yue Xia Die Ying (review below) soon after. Overall, this is a fabulous read and I recommend it for anyone looking for a novel with some wits and humor. It is over 80 chapters, but it is worth a try.

In hindsight, I wish that novel itself was translated directly from the Chinese source as oppose to the Vietnamese source. There were a few moments when I feel like there may be details that were missing in translation. In this case, it was a translation of a translation. All the same, I truly appreciated trungtnguyen123 for providing me the opportunity to enjoy this fabulous novel.

The General Wants to Hug and Sleep《将军抱抱要睡觉》by Qian Cao《千草》(HE) (5/5 Stars)

This is one of my absolute favorite C-Novel. It’s very cute, funny and memorable despite its simple plot. Both leads are adorable, quickly earning a place in my heart. I have read and re-read this book over again countless times!

The Imperial Princess Accidentally Seduced  her Husband 《 》 by Mo Chen 《 》 (HE) (2.5/5 Stars)

Review coming soon…

Three Lives, Three Worlds: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms《三生三世,十里桃花》by Tang Qi Gong Zi《唐七公子》(HE) (4.5/5 Stars)

coverMy first Xian Xia. It was so good that it’ll be paving the road for all other xian xia that would read in the future. With a good amount of angst, great characters, and good plot, I’ll be thinking about this novel for a long time.

Three Lives, Three Worlds: Pillow Book《三生三世, 枕上书》by Tang Qi Gong Zi《唐七公子》(HE) (5/5 Stars)

coverAfter reading the first part of the series, I didn’t think I would like this sequel as much. My reading experience told me it’s really rare that a sequel would be as great as the first one. Boy was I wrong. Donghua is a fantastic hero, surpassing my expectation. And Fengjiu? She’s one amazing nine-tail fox. The story itself is something I’ll never forget. There are moments that I wish the author wouldn’t drag but after finishing, I can understand why she did it. I wish the translators would translate the other novels as well, though, because I’m suffering a withdraw from this series and don’t wish for it to end. 😦 Besides, I’m very curious about the other couples as well. 😀

Our Second Master 《 》 by Twentine 《 》 (HE) (5/5 Stars)

Real Fake Fiance 《 》 by Tang Yin 《 》(HE) (3.5/5 Stars)

Sansheng, Death Does Not Exist at the River of Oblivion三生,忘川无殇》 by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang 《九鷺非香》(HE) (4.5/5 Stars)

coverThis short uncomplicated love story quickly made itself a place among many of my favorite novels. The sweetness between the couple is just precious and left me wanting more of their interactions at the end. While Hamster428 did a fantastic job in translating, there were moments that made me question whether this is really a historical. These usually occur in the dialogues between the characters where the character used sayings that I don’t think exists for this era or this culture. Thus, it lost half a star.

Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse 《 》 by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang 《 》

Singing Spring Melody 《 》 by Jue Ming 《 》 (HE) (4/5 Stars)

To Be a Virtuous Wife 《 》 by Yue Xia Die Ying 《 》 (HE) (5/5 Stars)

Wedding Night Ten Years Late 《 》 by Ming Xing 《 》(HE) (3.8/5 Stars)


A Slight Smile is Very Charming 《 》 by Gu Man《顾漫》(HE) (4/5 Stars)

Beautiful Wife and Genius Son 《 》 by Si Yue Yao Yao 《 》 (HE) (3/5 Stars)

Being Love Exclusively 《 》 by You by Qian Cao 《 》 (HE) (3/5 Stars)

Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run!腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》by The Mew From a Cat After a Lazy Nap《睡懒觉的喵 》(HE) (4/5 Stars)

I was trying to find something similar to Shan Shan. This one really help me bypass my withdrawal with its humor and characters. I love how both characters are witty in their own way and have their own tricks at dealing with their relationship.

Come & Eat, Shan Shan!《将军抱抱要睡觉》by Gu Man《顾漫》(HE) (5/5 Stars)

coverThis is my first C-Novel since Jin Yong. I love the refreshing storyline and its simplicity. At the time when I read this, I was looking for something without angst and this novel delivered! The drama, Boss & Me, was great as well. This is my top favorite contemporary C-novel so far.

Doctor Unruly 《 》 by Miao Yi You Xiu 《 》(HE) (3.5/5 Stars)

Love Can Do Miracles景年知几时》by Fei Wo Si Cun《匪我思存》(HE) (2.5/5 Stars)

There’s not much I can say about his novel. The story has potential but it was not memorable. The ending was not satisfying and the author left too many loose ends.

One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones by Mo Bao Fie Bao

Really, Really Miss You by Mo Bao Fie Bao

Silent Separation (He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo)何以笙箫默》by Gu Man《顾漫》(HE) (4/5 Stars)

coverThis is my second contemporary C-novel. It has some angst but the characters are very memorable. The chemistry between the couple is well done. A drama adaptation is coming out soon, so hopefully it would be good as the novel. 😀 Wow, I just realized it is written by the same author as Shan Shan. LOL.


The Reluctant Bride II 《 》 by Zen Xin Yue 《 》(HE) (4/5 Stars)

Wipe Clean After Eating 《 》 by Fei Gu Niang 《 》(HE) (3.5/5 Stars)


You Are Still Here《原来你还在这里》 by Xin Yi Wu《辛夷坞》(HE) (1.5/5 Stars)

It’s very rare that I will drop a novel as I am a very tolerable reader. I have read it all; from fantastic novels to plain annoying ones. This is a shame since I really like the leads and they seem to have potentials. But this one is a big no no for me. Why? Adultery and affairs with a married person. I can’t do it. It just turns me off, no matter how great the novel is. (Probably why I can stand most Gong novels/dramas either.) Especially it it involve one of the leads doing it, I’m done!

Currently Reading:

Da Mo Yao《大漠谣》 by Tong Hua《桐华》(ME) (4/5 Stars)
Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost by Dian Xian
The Rice Pot Next Door by Jiu Xiao Qi

To Read / Pending List

Beloved Little Treasure by Yua Gun Gun
Chaos of Beauty 《红颜乱》 by Duo Duo Wu 《朵朵舞 》
Checkmate Your Heart b y Celine Gu Xi Jue
Closer Little Spy by Lou Qi
Fated Marriage by Big Grey Wolf with Wings
Gamble on Love by Big Grey Wolf with Wings
Go with the Flow of Love by Big Grey Wolf with Wings
Ice Fantasy by Jue Ming
Peach Passion by Angel
Union of Enemies by Xiao Yao Hong Chen
When He Comes, Closer Your Eyes / Love Me if You Dare by Ding Mo
You Owe Me Your Draft! by Li Mu Cuo


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    1. I’m allergic to sad ending and tearjerkers, lol. 😀 So I’m staying from it at the moment. haha. I heard that it was amazing but Gong drama/novels tend to leave a bad taste in my mouth.


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